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Thoughts of The O’Brien’s Apprentice

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Written by The O’Brien Apprentice

In the beginning…

I have been an apprentice at O’Brien mobility since March, the 15th I think, maybe the 13th, I had recently left employment at my previous Apprenticeship Location, Flex Education. I got the placement by the quick thinking and attentive care of the staff at 3 AAA’s academy. They helped me find a placement in under 2 weeks of me coming to them for help. So no longer the Flex Apprentice, true, but an apprentice nonetheless.

Initial Thoughts

I find myself once more in a familiar yet unfamiliar territory, I enjoy such positions, yet find myself nervous, though I am not sure why. I am skilled enough in what I do to excel, alas, I still find being in a new place daunting as I spent the first few weeks learning how to integrate myself into the ranks of the small business, oddly, the same size as my previous. However, nonetheless, I found myself nervous. Same standing, new territory. Alongside this, I received my new objectives and goals. The priority of mine is working on the website sat on Joomla. However, I dislike Joomla, well I did, at the start, it was unknown to me, it was hard for me to understand simply because I would have to spend hours trawling through forums, data, and information, or just play about with it until I figured out with what I was doing. In addition, I had to discover the lay of the land, and have reserved and not so reserved thoughts about that. I often see things I know I could help change, following in the example previously given to me by my former employers, and I help where I can, but I find myself often deciding that leaving people to answer their own problems is a very effective method. To an extent. I try not to get involved most times, but I feel a certain…love for any small business, and try my best to improve anything I can whenever I can. This isn’t always major change, but it’s a collection of little things that often build strength. Though I won’t dwell deep into that metaphor.

As I continue into my apprenticeship, I begin my time with 3 AAA’s and learn more than I thought, finding the teachers highly skilled and dedicated, often pulling me up for not seeming like myself to ensure I am okay, often to discover I’ve not had my daily eighteen coffees, people like to think a lot, no I’m often up watching theoretical based videos, I’ll get back to this. I love being with 3 AAA’s, it’s a wonderful group that helps me no matter how small my issue is, supporting and understanding my struggle to implement thoughts to action or word, something I have struggled with for years, it’s my bane, if I had a kryptonite, this is it. However, I try my hardest. My ability to learn is wonderful, my ability to apply it is diabolical, but the biggest issue is my inability or lack of confidence to admit this out loud. Typing it? I don’t find an issue with, but sitting down and opening myself up when face to face with anyone, is something I struggle with. In the end, my point is they’re supportive and there for me if I need.

Now returning to a previous point, I enjoy learning, learning is easily one of my favorite pastimes. I often find myself lost in my own thought and need to learn. My greatest strength, also my greatest weakness. It leads to me learning more and more yet, not always balancing research to action. A regrettable flaw, but one I have nonetheless. I feel, having flaws and accepting them is vital, especially when you have people relying on your skills in a business sector. I will always have them and will always admit to them, assuming I can build that up enough for myself. Opening about myself as I mentioned, is hard for me. Though not on a blog. Strange that I differentiate things like that, isn’t it?

O’Brien Mobility and my opening thoughts.

My opening thoughts to O’Briens are both complex and simple, both deep, and shallow. It isn’t that I am divided in my thought, there is a unity in them, the comparison was because of the diversity of my thoughts. I do however find the passion behind my employer’s methods enveloping and obvious. It is clear that the passion for a personable and devoted service. I understand this and love this passion, it gives me the same feeling. I find it very hard for me to work effectively because I simply cannot focus properly if I can’t feel a passion for a subject, yes I know that isn’t a luxury I will always have, but it helps. Regardless to this fact, and that will likely never change. However, I love the passion I feel for him in every instance and action, it is obvious he cares, but often the methods don’t always make sense to me, however after a while, I get it, not everyone thinks the same way, and people often don’t get that, it is a known thing in the world, but we can’t really change it, but I think it is worthwhile noting…don’t you? Exactly. I think sometimes pride or…an unwillingness to understand everyone’s point of view is the most damaging thing to a small business. Communication is most potent tool since it is the latchkey that binds a company, any company. In my humble opinion that is. It will always be my belief. Moving on from my philosophy, I find my given independence both a blessing and hindrance, simply because there is nobody who understands my field here, yet this allows me full freedom. A win-lose scenario, however, it’s made by having access to the vastness of 3 AAA’s resources, but then that takes time, delays and awaiting responses. I find that with 3 AAA’s they have rapid responses and try to meet any need you own.

I’ve found this a good experience so far, the only problem I do have is my absent-mindedness and forgetfulness. Which is something I should really work on…I do try but I can’t help myself sometimes and slip from whatever task I am on. Though my most vital weakness is my focus is random. I zone in and out. When I work, I make incredible things happen, when I can’t focus, progress is slower.

Still. I am enjoying it, and look forward to my progress.